Two new Fonts:
Fleckhaus Now! and Wolff

Willy Fleckhaus designed the legendary lifestyle magazine twen between 1959 and 1970. A characteristic of the magazine was the Schmalfette Grotesk, which Fleckhaus had found in the late 1950s in one of the four volumes of the type specimen book Lettera by Armin Haab and Walter Haettenschweiler (1933-2014) and which had been designed by the Swiss painter and graphic artist Haettenschweiler. Fleckhaus used the typeface white on black on the covers of twen and very often as a headline in the magazine’s double-page layouts.

Carsten Wolff has re-digitized the font, refining it in some respects and adding new characters. This makes it usable in numerous languages. Special attention was paid to many details, here’s just one example: Since the lower arms at the E or L are slimmer than the basic strokes, the punctuation marks were also made available in different thicknesses so that they aesthetically perfectly match the predecessor character.

As a tribute to the great designer, Carsten Wolff has named it Fleckhaus Now!The glyph set therefore also features a highly stylized portrait of Fleckhaus and another surprise.

The Fleckhaus Now! in an atmospheric application.

The fact that Fleckhaus Now!has its model in the 1950s is not denied. That’s why Carsten Wolff has designed another font under his name Wolff in three weights, which retains the density and blackness ofFleckhaus Now! but makes some stylistic adjustments to the present: The typeface is altogether more uniform in shape and provides numerous alternative glyphs, for example for the letters S, C or A. The ends of the arcs in S or C are cut at oblique running angles, and in A there is a glyph in which the crossbar is not horizontal but also angled in an ascending form.

On the left, the Fleckhaus Now!, on the right, the Wolff: clearly showing the aesthetic changes and modernizations of the Wolff.

Both fonts cover these languages: Albanian – Bosnian – Chinese Pinyin – Danish – German – Esperanto – Estonian – Faroese – Filipino – Finnish – Flemish – French – Frisian – Gagauzian – Hawaiian – Irish – Icelandic – Italian – Japanese (Rōmaji) – Kashubian – Catalan – Croatian – Kurdish – Latvian – Luxembourgish – Maltese – Dutch – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – (Northern- )Sami – Schemaitic – Scottish (Gaelic) – Swedish – Slovak – Slovenian – Sorbian – Spanish – Czech – Chechen – Turkish – Turkmen – Hungarian – Vietnamese – Welsh – Wollon – Belarusian

Technical specifications  The fonts are available as OTF fonts and as WOFF fonts for web use. The Fleckhaus Now!costs 29 €, the Wolff with its three weights 39 € net. The fonts can be ordered by sending an e-mail with information about the computers to be licensed. Please specify which font/s you want to license for how many computers (OTF) or for how many website projects (WOFF).




Flackhaus-now menu-Item
Flackhaus-now menu-Item